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Contemplating the plethora of ancient archeological websites in North America conspicuously disregarded of our mainstream training here in America, this article, American History Censored: Mound Builders, Giants of Antiquity and Hole Earth will present that North America was inhabited with a social refined and technologically superior ancient race of man. Although much speculation has been bandied about of this race’s origins, I’ll once once more make the connection to our Hole or Internal Earth ancestors that easy can not be ignored or censored.

Felner was a divisive determine on the faculty of training, drawing complaints that he was brash, impolite and unprofessional — the faculty at one level took a vote of no confidence in him — but the administration routinely defended his management. The college finally looked into Felner’s handling of grant funds, and upon discovering felony exercise, reported him to federal authorities.

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The explosion turned huge swaths of forest into a lifeless moonscape. Within the first few miles, nothing survived the heat, the blast wave, and flying chunks of pulverized mountainside, glaciers seared to steam, shattered bushes flung like toothpicks. Farther out, the choking ash clouds may still cook dinner, kill, burn, while hurricane-force winds blew down mile after mile of forests. Beyond that, the ash stored falling, and lahars — mudflows the consistency of liquid concrete, several hundred levels — flooded rivers, bulldozed buildings and bridges on their banks, and swept people and animals away.

From YALSA Exec Director Beth Yoke (faculty librarians want help from everybody to get school library language in the ESEA reauthorization; please cross-put up). ESEA will exchange No Youngster Left Behind so this can be a crucial alternative for sturdy libraries of all sorts. Please e-mail, Tweet and/or call your Congressional delegation-Take Motion Now!