Importance of Early Childhood Education

Education is paramount above are important because it can affect the progress of a nation. A nation’s nearly impossible to develop and advance quickly if the population did not undergo educational structure. For loans tips, you can see at
Of education that they (children early childhood) can know and understand what they do not know, including the history of cultural, social, how to behave good, car develop skills that are owned and others are very broad in scope and there is the role of parents in educating children is also in it.
Is it true that early childhood education is the highest investment?
Investment is the highest education at an early age because it can produce benefits far more stable and better than investment in the age level of education that others such as elementary, junior high school or vocational school student level though.
The reason? since the beginning of formation of a person’s character can only be formed in early childhood education system and not the age that has grown up.
The statement reinforces non-formal education institutions to further develop and advance the teaching and learning systems that are more qualified and oriented to the needs of children. now form early childhood education has increasingly grown for system teaching and learning begins with the development of motor skills, and proficiency in communication, intelligence in socializing with other environments, learn about morals and manners and thrive on learning of writing which has now been implemented in the education of children Kindergarten early childhood in the category Children.
The fact the importance of early childhood education
Many people believe if early childhood education a waste of time and cost for ages 2 to 4 years is still difficult to accept any lesson, and indeed the provision of early childhood education is not formal education that focuses on the lessons that have been set by countries such as learning Mathematics , Biology and others
Early childhood education is more directed at the formation of character in the form of self-reliance, is able to cultivate creativity and cultivate and develop their motor skills, where it already can be seen when the child entered the age of 2 to 4 years. When children continue basic education further, then the child is able to take advantage of patterns of thinking more logically and critically and be able to develop their talents and interests for his own welfare and be a pride to their environment and are ready to receive formal lessons or knowledge in other forms (non formal). (Read: the role of morality in shaping the character of the nation)
Non-formal education is very important for children’s early childhood because it is able to enhance and improve the independence and creativity in their talents and interests that must be honed and developed so that children be able to be a provision for the advancement of his life. After a period of school years in non-formal education then the child’s mental are ready to move on the next level of basic education.
Got a good teaching in schools and supported a good habit also be time home environment, then the child will be more creative, independent and able to analyze the good and right thing because earlier on early childhood education has got a lesson on how to think logically and more critical.