Importance of Early Childhood Education

Early childhood education for children is one of the things that are important. But is it important for children? Does the child should immediately put it to the elementary school? Then the excess of what would be acceptable to the child when the child entered school early childhood education or early childhood?

Providing education to children is the duty of parents. Because education is the basis for both the growth of the child and the provision after the child grows up. With adequate education then the child will be able to survive and cultivate all its potential to compete in the future. For loans tips, you can see in

There is no doubt that the best time to give a good education and stimulation is when the child was aged under 8 years old. With stimulation and education that will fit a child can produce life ready. But it is still unfortunate parents still assume that the child goes to school early childhood education (ECD) is only intended for children can read and write. So that when the material is only slightly given in early childhood learning space many parents who complained. “Bu teacher when my children would be taught to read and write?”

Reading and writing is important and necessary for children. But the parents, especially the parents should understand that all such material is no stages. When the child is still an early age by learning to read and write the things that might happen is eventually the child will feel bored and tired. Perhaps when still early childhood school children will not feel bored. So when the children will feel bored and tired? The flavor will appear when the child is entered elementary school. If early age (especially childhood) children burdened with material that’s all that reading and writing, the children will meet again later this learning in elementary school. The mothers will be able to guess, then what will happen to our children? Yes .. of course, the child will be bored. It again it again. So this will cause the child will not be able to think more intelligently and creatively.

Education of children to an early age is very important. Why is it important? Because in the early childhood school children will be taught about how to develop physical development (gross and fine motor coordination), intellect (the intellect, creativity, emotional intelligence, spiritual intelligence), socio-emotional (attitudes and behavior and religion) language and communication.

All material these developments certainly will not find the child when the child entered elementary school. That there is a direct child will practice according to ability. Language easy is that child when school early childhood verily are learning about the theoretical basics of how to think while the elementary school is the practice or resolve the problem of the description provided by the teacher.

Therefore, parents should be aware if the material in school early childhood education (ECD) looks just like playing. But the mothers do not worry because although at first glance like the real play of children are building a frame of mind. Why such a framework should be built from early childhood through the media early childhood?

Based on the study of the nature of early childhood, particularly among kindergarten children by Bredecam and Copple, Brener, and Kellough (in Masitoh et al., 2005: 1:12 to 1:13) as follows.

  1. The child is unique.
  2. Child expresses a relatively spontaneous behavior.
  3. Children are active and energetic.
  4. The child is egocentric.
  5. Children have a strong curiosity and excitement for a lot of things.
  6. The child is explorative and adventurous.
  7. Children generally rich in fantasy.
  8. A child is easily frustrated.
  9. Children still less consideration in the act.
  10. Children have short attention power.
  11. Childhood is a time to learn the most potential.
  12. Children are increasingly showing interest in friends.

From the above data must for parents who lack the education of children will not be effective to provide stimulation or the right education, if only done alone. Hence one of the objectives of the establishment of early childhood education is to help mothers who want their children to grow flowers well.

We need to remember that one of the goals of early childhood education is to prepare children so that children are better prepared to enter the next stage of education is elementary school. Children who graduate early childhood education will be more prepared than children who are not included in early childhood. So the decision is that the Early Childhood Education (ECD) is indispensable children so that children become the generation that is ready and achievement.