Quote about Future and Education

Each person would have wonderful dreams and hopes about their future. The necessary motivation and high morale and hard work to create a beautiful future and now is the most appropriate time to begin to realize the wonderful future. This time http://www.top4creditcards.com/ will share words of the future are expected to motivate you to achieve a splendid future:

The way to be ahead is getting started now. If you start now, next year you’ll know a lot of things that are now unknown, and you will not know the future, if you wait

Quote from: William Feather

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Quote from: Eleanor Roosevelt

Let hope, not tenderness, hone your future.

Quote from: Robert H. Schuller

The most effective way of achieving a bright future is the face of the present courageously and constructively.

Quote from: Rollo May

A person who so want something to be willing to risk the entire future with just one throw of the dice in order to obtain anything he wanted, would succeed.

Quote from: Napoleon Hill

You are free to choose, but the option you choose today will determine what you will have, what will become of you later on, and what you will do on your future.

Quote from: Zig Ziglar

Your future depends on many things, but mostly depends on you.

Quote from: Frank Tyger

The future belongs to those who know how to wait.

Quote from: Russian Proverb

The future is the property of those who live intensely at this time.

Quote from: Anonymous

We all have to think about the future because we will spend the rest of our lives there.

Quote from: C. F. Kettering

The future does not lie in the work, but on the people who do.

Quote from: George Crane

In order to be a happy person,
fill his hand with the work,
his heart with compassion,
mind with the goal,
memory with useful knowledge,
his future with hope.

Quote from: Frederick E Crane

Mario, a motivator Indonesia also had a few words of the future are expected to pump up your spirit to build a bright future:

The young boy who dreams big should not be engaged in work that does not have great size in the future.

Quote from: Mario

Anything that will not make you strong and independent in the future, leave.

Quote from: Mario

The best time to guess the future success of a person is his teenage years.

Quote from: Mario

Satan only interested annoying people who planned to be a big man in the future.

Quote from: Mario

The bad, and inky whatever your past, your future is still sacred.

Quote from: Mario

However kelamnya your past, your future is still sacred. Forgive yourself, and go forth.

Quote from: Mario

Words future presented by Mario Teguh very true, our future is much more important than our past. Any bad your past, if you have a strong determination to improve your life, then in the future you will have a better life. Leave your past, do not let your past ruin your future. Some figures agree with what was presented by Mario Teguh:

Do not stare at the past with sorrow, he would not come back again. Face the present with biaksana and hello to the future with the shadow of a doubt and with determination.

Quote from: H. W. Longer Fellow

If we fill the heart with regret for the past and fears for the future, we do not have today to be grateful for.

Quote from: Anonymous

Every saint has past. Every sinner has a future.

Quote from: Oscar Wilde

No people fail who has no future and no successful people who do not have a past.

Quote from: Rangga Umara

History is the past. Make the decision based on the future.

Quote from: Greg S. Reid

Do not look at the past with regret, do not also see the future with fear, but look around you mindfully

Quote from: James Thurber

I learned from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present.

Quote from: Donald Trump

If you’ve got one eye on the past, an eye for the future, so now you have crossed eyes.

Quote from: Anonymous

The past can not be achieved again, although we can learn from it; future yet we have but we have to plan for it. It’s time is now. All we have is today.

Quote from: Charles Hummell

Learn from the past, live for the future. The important thing is not to stop questioning.

Quote from: Albert Einstein

Words future is also associated with the investment. Because a good investment in today will provide multiple advantage in the future:

Rich people think long term. They balance the expenditure for the fun today with an investment in the future for the sake of freedom.

Quote from: T Harv Eker

Poor people work to earn money to live on that day, while the rich work to earn money to pay for their investment, which will eventually become their earnings in the future.

Quote from: T Harv Eker

One of the important rules in the property, that never once showed the emotion of disappointment and anger. Always smile because every property transaction if it is not profitable today, the future will surely benefit.

Quote from: Benny Lo

So a few words of the future that was compiled by estudiotall.com. Hopefully able to encourage you to achieve a better future. If you have the words of another future, let’s share by commenting below.