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The following are photographs I took at a week-long course with Ropes That Rescue in the stunning red-rock nation of Sedona, Arizona.

You can even reduce your rabbit’s teeth yourself and when you have a dwarf rabbit you may typically use the nail cutter for the procedure, HOWEVER, I strongly suggest having your vet show you the way first, and likewise approve of the nail cutter you are going to use. You would hurt your bunny so much if you accidentally cut its lips or tongue, so please do not go ahead with cutting your bunny’s teeth in case you are uncertain of find out how to do it.

So we brought her in and set her in (we only had 2 cages, 2 guinea pigs, so I needed to put each Gpigs collectively and later that day we received one other smaller cage so both gpigs at the moment are in the smaller cages whereas Tovah is within the greatest cage. We DO have an outside hutch but I desire the rabbit inside, though it was introduced up in a hutch).

My rabbit bites me each time i take him out of his hutch. I think also that he has male sex feelings for me because he will hump and chew my arm, it is not very nice, and it is very gross. Shall i get him desexed soon? or ought to i inform him off and take him back outdoors to his two story hutch?. He’s round 5 months old now so maybe i should snip his balls off.

Thank you to your advice. We’ve got suspected for a while that our lab, Sam, has been losing his sight. As I write this, he’s on the vet having his eyes dilated and tested. We also stay in a raised ranch residence and Sam has grow to be an increasing number of tentative on the steps and has extreme issue at midnight. We’ll do whatever it takes to present Sam a protracted and completely satisfied life. I respect your helpful web site.